Friday, September 13, 2013

Ten Easy Ways to Save Money

By Adam Hassan and M.S. | Mango Pages | 14 Sept 13

  1. Get rid of your credit card because it makes you spend without being aware that you have spent a lot, probably because you did not get out the money from your pocket. Using cards does not let you feel the difference between spending $ 20 and $ 200.
  2. Save in personal expenses. A lot of money is spent unnoticed, either on a mobile phone or Internet, despite the possibility of reducing unnecessary calls or sign up with the cheapest service provider.
  3. Save time for doing another work or learning new skills, one day you may decide to change your career or start your own business.
  4. Save your savings by investing them in a bank as Certificate of Deposit or in Saving Account. Many banks offer great annual or quarter-annual interests.
  5. Remember, you save money for the future in case you seriously need it, not to spend later on more expensive items.
  6. Save in energy expenses. There are many ways to save household electricity consumption through the acquisition of equipment that requires less energy and with the same quality and efficiency.
  7. Save in spending on expensive brands. Many industries are similar; you may find the same item with the same specifications and quality cheaper than others because they carry a different brand / name.
  8. Save in spending on food. Many of us spend a lot of money on fatty expensive food, although there are many ways to change part of our diet in a way to make it healthier and less expensive.
  9. Save as much as possible as you spend on welfare and pastimes. For example, almost everything you need from books, movies and magazines are available for free online, there is no need to buy everything you need.
  10. Save in spending on your car. When you buy an unused and very modern car, you lose 25-40% of its value after a year or two - by car experts. But if you bought a good car of two years old, it means that the previous owner had paid you 40% of its value. Also, it is preferred not to buy a car that is very old and rickety, as it constantly requires a lot of repairs.

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